Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips to become a millionaire-Moss can not become millionaires by servant

You closed your eyes in the name of the city's five millionaires think. Now tell me what this list is a profession that servant? My list is not so. The name came to my mind that I would like to tell you. I'm from Janjgir, He has been the name on my list -
# Madan Lal Agrawal, a petrol pump
# Mahendra Mittal to crusher
# Sanat Singh who Talkies
# Gopal Rathore, who Dhaba
#And Dmendra Rathore
These all have one thing in common. People do their servant here but they do not have a servant here. These are all entrepreneurs. The meaning is clear. People who are always chase the  servant  she can not become millionaires.They can make life easier but not multi-millionaire.

To leave the servant?

Some people might think that's easy to lecture on that very difficult. Is true, But it is also true that it is definitely difficult but not impossible. So my understanding would be nice to find a middle ground, Such as a Side-Business started. Then you feel your business is going well, leave the servant.

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