Monday, June 4, 2012

Earned millions of NMart

If you know about MLM you will know about his strength.Today, most millionaires are created through network marketing are. Network marketing is an area with a lot more money can be earned very little money. We are referring to a similar network marketing NMart. Today, our many friends in NMart by Rs 5500 are making millions every month. You can earn Rs 5,500  by the millions. NMart go to the website can be known about the details.If you are the leader in network marketing, NMart through the first month you want to earn money in the millions if you contact us. We have some ID that has one side of royalty. If you are the leader in network marketing we can make your partner. You earn 100 percent of your ID. Id take 50 percent of our earnings. A great deal. Do contact us today. Mo. 7489405373

Learn about Anmart
How To become an Associate

To become an associate of N Mart one has to pay Rs 5500/- by Cash/Cheque/DD to Your associate Nmart Leaders. An e-pin will be issued to you along with a welcome kit for enrolling as an associate of N Mart.


Free Purchase Vouchers
Each Associate will get free purchase vouchers of NMART stores worth Rs. 220/- each month for 48 months, which can be redeemed at any NMART retail outlet across India. 

Smart Card
Along with purchase voucher each associate will get smart card.

Credit Facility
In addition to the compensation plan company has also introduced credit facility of Rs. 1500/- for its Associate. Statement will be generated on first of every month and account has to be settled by 15th every month. Credit to be availed from any NMART store across India. 

NMart Loyalty Bonus
Every associate of n mart will get N Mart Loyalty bonus of Rs. 11,000/- after 48 months*
* Conditions Apply

Working Incentive

Associate will have to introduce 2 Associate on both side and a tail to avail benefit of Working Incentive. 

Left AffiliatesRight AffiliatesPair Income (P.P. 600)

Spill Over Magic

After joining your two direct referrals, your third direct will be called as spill over. On every spill over and his two direct legs ( A and B) you will get Rs. 200/- income on every Associate. 

Jupiter Royalty

After completion of 100 pairs in Working Incentive you will be qualified to avail this income: Amount of Rs. 100/- from every new joining will be distributed monthly to the qualified achievers.

After Qualifying for Royalty : To Obtain Royalty Income atleast 20 / 20 new joinings on both sides every month is compulsory.

Repurchase Incentive

Income will be distributed up to 15 th level on purchase of your downline A.A.P.

and other Awards and Rewards. As well as the advantages 

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